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About us

Like inspiration often does, the idea of Redrawlife took shape against the backdrop of waves crashing, stars shining and the salty breeze of a December night filling us with the desire to share memorable experiences that make people say, ‘Yeah, that was awesome!’ This was on a quaint Gokarna beach, back in 2014. Since then, we have been on a mission to inspire more people to join us in exploring the incredible experiences the world has to offer.

At Redrawlife, we carefully curate high quality experiences ranging from weekend treks just outside of your city to traversing the ancient valleys of Spiti and the breathtaking heights of Nepal. Whether you want to go paragliding with your childhood friends or explore the ocean scuba-diving as you make new ones, our platform has you covered. Putting your travel experience above everything else, we make your getaway plans easy, enjoyable and pocket friendly!

What started off as a means to pursue our own passion, has witnessed thousands of like-minded individuals fulfilling their own adventure quests through our platform.

And while the rest may be history, why don’t you come be a part of our future? ☺

Interesting Facts!

Voted as the Best Adventure Club in Kochi within just 6 months from inception!
Fastest growing social travelling community with over 12,000+ passionaries!
YCombinator W17 Finalists and Selected in YC's Startup School Accelerator Program

Meet our team

Joel Kuriakose
Co-founder and CEO
A certified financial planner by profession, he the one who looks at the functionality of the company on a wider scale. He excels in his articulating skills and is the man who does most of the talking for Redrawlife with outside world! When he’s not working he can often be found lost in the world of football, such a football fanatic he is!
Vishnu R
Co-founder and Head of Community
A mechanical engineer turned adventure enthusiast he takes care of bringing new experiences onboard. Throughout the discovery process and beyond he does the feasibility study and reviews the activities and experiences. When he is not in office he could be found solo backpacking at some place soul searching or working on a high pitched shriek novel!
Sreeraj Krishnan
Co-founder and CTO
He is a passionate coder and loves dabbling with code! He is the one who manages the web and makes all aspects of the website a delightful experience for the users. He worked with Amazon before co-founding Redrawlife. When he isn’t knee deep in the code, he enjoys to spend his time watching stand up comedies, singing or maybe in front of the stove preparing a meal!
Minu Nandakumar
A teacher at Teach for India, this young Engineer is always on the pursuit of challenging her limits. Apart from being the creative writer of our team, she is an artist who loves to travel and finds time for everything she loves, even in her busiest schedules. In taking risks she finds a sense of aliveness and believes that the fear of uncertainty of the future is just ridiculous!
Vimal Gopal
Marketing Head
An entrepreneur at very early age, Vimal is the one who manages identify and fills product gaps, improve customer experiences and drive the growth of the company as such. When not boggling his head for new ideas, he would either be learning a new skill or gone on a long ( yea really long) ride on his bicycle!
Akash Jindal
Product Evangelist
A passionate mountaineer and adventure enthusiast, this delhite has conquered so many peaks till date and is soon gearing up to Conquer the Everest. Being an entrepreneur himself, he is the one who supports us with the trek to Everest base camp and other climbing expeditions.

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